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Tamara Fitchner 

"Let’s just say if you don’t choose to come see Jen and have her beyond AMAZING skills put art on you, your crazy! Her talents are spot on perfect! But it goes beyond just her talents that will make you want to come here. Walking in the door your welcomed into a bright, super clean studio. The personality and attention to detail both Jen & Joie possess is something thats definitely not lacking in either of them. They take genuine pride in their studio and that is shown and expressed in the way they interact and perform their services. I waited three years to get my tattoo done and Jen made it worth the wait! I look forward to working with Jen again on another piece."

Danie Kastner

"I greatly appreciate working with Jen! She is very personable and professional. Jen worked on my first ever tattoo, and she made my experience better than I could have hoped. I appreciated the time she took to explain the process and put me at ease. I also appreciated the time she took on making the tattoo exactly how I wanted. I get compliments all the time on my tattoo! I am very much looking forward to working with Jen on another piece!"

Kali Brianne Sialana Pettersen

"Jen is the most talented tattoo artist I’ve met and she’s passionate kind, to boot! She’s done two small pieces for me, always being thoughtful and patient since I can be a bit of a sissy, but helping me power through. I can’t wait to get my next tattoo with her! It’s time to start my sleeve!"

Haley Jurgens

"First, you’d be silly as hell not to see Jen! We recommend anyone who is looking for new art to see this girl! She’s INCREDIBLE at what she does!  My husband and I started seeing Jen just over a year ago and we already have several pieces between the both of us. We are trying to plan a time to go back and see her soon!"

Anna Tatelman

"Jen is an amazing tattoo artist!!! I now refuse to get tattoo’d by anyone else. In addition to being incredibly artistic, she’s also very personable and kind, and really goes the extra mile to give you a one-of-a-kind work of art.


Vicki Lindsay

"Jen is the best! She did my pixelated arm tattoo and the lines are so crisp and at perfect right angles! And she’s the best company while getting it done too of course."

Monica LeHuquet

"Jen is an amazing artist i have been waiting 2 years almost to get back in with her (pregnancy and her working) I cannot wait to get back on that table and get more work done. She is extremely talented, detailed just a positive person to be around. If you have not had the opportunity to check out her work or received a tattoo by her … search no more. The whole shop seems amazing and I am just excited!"

Jamie Berglund

"I had the lucky opportunity of meeting Jen and having her create/design the image I had in in my head, and it was like she read my mind. I loved the design, and I love my tattoo! I get compliments often. Jen is great!"

Darion Powell

"You won’t find a better tattoo artist and creative thinker than Jen. Just look at the detail and line work. That’s really important when picking tattoo artists. I am going back for more and encourage anyone thinking about artists… pick Jen! You won’t regret it."

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9327 4th St #8

Lake Stevens, WA 


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